NGOC history

“NGO Center” started its activities in 1994 as a project of Armenian Assembly of America.

 In 2005 it registered as a local NGO and continued commitment to its principles. For about 20 years the NGO Center extends its services to civil society organizations aiming at establishment of democracy in Armenia. Today, NGO Center appears to public as a database of knowledge, information, and experience for civil society organizations.

Since 1997 NGOC has been providing trainings and consultations in the field of advocacy and public policy advocacy, as well as awarded grants on competitive basis to NGOs, that were to bring some influence to decision making systems.

It is common knowledge that the achievements of civil society organizations nowadays address broader areas. The extension of their role is also determined by the diversity of present challenges. The NGO Center contributes to empowerment of civil society organizations towards their more effective involvement in responding to those through training, consultancy, research, awareness raising and capacity building programs and services. We believe, purposeful and aware citizen participation is a fundamental factor towards the well-being of our society.

Good will, responsibility and participation are the heart, the spirit of our vision. That is the NGO Center’s purpose, its say and the deeds.

Mission of your organization is to promote citizen participation in development processes of the state through continuous and systematic capacity enhancement

The objectives are:

1. to promote citizen participation and participation of civil society institutions/groups in decision making procedures citizen participation;

2. to promote establishment of social partnership;

3. to foster civil society development;

4. to promote capacity building of a citizen and civil society intstitutions/group..

 The target beneficiaries of the organization are NGOs, community based organizations (CBOs), civic action groups (CAGs) and other civil society elements/entities. The number of officially registered Armenian NGOs who used NGOC services exceeded 1000.

The NGOs benefit from training, technical assistance/consultancy service, grants, information,ResourceCenterand other programs and services.

 In order to fulfill the goal, the NGOC works on strengthening the organizational and institutional capacities of civil society entities on one hand, and promotes the increased profile of the latter on the other. Therefore, the identified stakeholders are legislative and executive branches of theRepublicofArmeniaauthorities, local self-governing bodies, private sector, mass media, academia, and specific beneficiary groups, public at large. The organization is working towards reaching civil society elements on a national level as well as regional (Caucasus) level.

In 2005 “NGO Center” underwent the “Organization Certification Process”, conducted by Counterpart International and as a result received “Institutional Development Certification”. The certificate certifies that NGOCentermeets the accepted requirements in the following 6 fields: (i)Governance and Strategic Management, (ii)Financial Sustainability, (iii) External Relations/Communication, (iv) Service Development, Management and Quality Control, (v)Human and Material Resources, (vi)Management.

NGOC is well-known as one of the leading service providers for CSOs and their partner organizations in Armenia. Our services include: 

• development and implementation of high quality, efficient training and consultation in organizational management and governance, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, advocacy, project development and management, financial management and sustainability, and human resource management 

• grants distribution and management, including organization of selection process, budget cleaning, monitoring of project implementation, financial reporting, etc.

• qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, such as employee surveys, needs assessments, project evaluations, and research on civil society, including questionnaire design and approbation, conducting interviews, primary and secondary data analysis, reporting and recommendations

• assessment of institutional and advocacy capacities with follow-up development planning and consulting

• organizational, logistical and facilitation services for meetings, seminars, conferences, roundtable discussions, and organization development (e.g., team building, brainstorming and decision-making activities)

• provision of information on NGOs, access to library and other information services.

 Emplemented projects

NGO Center's current year budget is around 500 000 USD. At present we have running 6 projects from 5 different donors, which makes our budget diversified.




Donor/Partner Organization

Capacity Development for  HIV/AIDS prevention

November 2004 – December 2007

To support the national program of HIV/AIDS prevention through awareness raising and capacity building of NGOs, community organizations, and HIV/AIDS vulnerable groups.


Organizational development of organization providing services to NGOs

October 2005 -September 2009

To contribute to the organizational development of NGOC and create incentives for a future cooperation between NGO Center and CPI?CASP to provide advocacy initiative grants and technical assistance  to NGOs in the framework of Civil Society Advocacy Assistance project of USAID. The total budget of the project was 7025 USD.

USAID and CPI Armenia

For Cooperation and effectiveness NGOC capacity building  project

June 2005 –July 2005

To support to the cooperation and management capacity development of NGOs

Education Development Academy

Bridge of Hope “NGO fundraising capacity building”

February 27-March 03, 2006

To contribute to the enhancement of fundraising capacities of Bridge of Hope NGO


“Involvement of the private trade sector into the Social Partnership establishment in Armenia” Research project

March-August, 2006

To encourage charity in Armenia as a key element of civil society prosperity.

USAID and CPI Armenia

Advocacy Initiatives Grants Program

February 2006 – September 2009

The project is aimed to increase the active participation of citizens and civil society organizations in public policy making processes and oversight of public institutions. Grants were and are awarded to develop and implement advocacy initiatives aimed at solving problems by affecting changes in state/government policies (laws, regulations, acts, etc.), programs, procedures, or practices at the local, regional or national level. During 2006-2009 NGOC has implement Grants Management and Administration for 80 Advocacy Initiative, Election Grants with total budget of more than 1’000’000 USD. The total budget of the project was 82774 USD.

USAID and CASP/CPI Armenia

Non-Partisan Elections Related Initiatives Grant Program

January 2007 – December 2008

To provide opportunity to eligible CSOs, whose proposals demonstrated creative and proactive approaches, to encourage voter participation, increase voter awareness and knowledge of the election process and promote dialogue and debates between voters and candidates. The total budget of the project was 20 000


USAID and CASP/CPI Armenia

Resource Centre for Community Development of Lori

September 2006 – June 2008

To advance civic participation to engage in community development through CBO empowerment. The project was directed to the strengthening the institutional capacity of NGOC as a Community Resource Center to serve urban and rural communities in Lori region thus enhancing citizen participation in the public life of Armenian society and to enhance institutional and organizational capacities of 60-80 community based organizations (NGOs, foundations, community action groups, etc.) from urban and rural parts of Lori Region. The total budget of the project was 24.400 Euro.

Eurasia Partnership  Foundation

Migration Resource Centre

July 2008 – January 2009

To broaden the participation of local civic groups in meeting the needs of Armenia’s sizeable migrant population (both skilled and unskilled), and to facilitate reintegration of those who have returned so that they can become active citizens and apply their new skills and experience to the benefit of their home communities. The NGOC served as a Migration Resource centre and was involved in the protection of the rights of labour migrants from Lori Region and supported their return and reintegration by means of consultations, trainings, Job Fairs and advocacy.  The total budget of the project was 10 248 USD.

Eurasia Partnership  Foundation

“Home Care for Elderly” project evaluation

April-May 2008

To evaluate the effectiveness and impact of ““Home Care for Elderly” project. The total budget of the project was 1 139 430 AMD.

Armenian Caritas

Youth Against corruption project

January 2009 – January 2010

To contribute to the formation of active civic disposition and anticorruption behaviour of northern regions youth through Mass Media elucidations, competitions and talk-shows. The total budget of the project was 17 940 USD


E-Governance program

July 2008 – April 2009

To contribute to the solution of community problems through youth mobilization. The total budget of the project is 12 200 USD from which 2 500 USD from USAID


Support to training of trainers group

To promote and organize participation of trainers from Lori, Tavush, Shirak in TOTs.

The total budget of the project is 200,000 AMD:

USAID and CPI Armenia

Bridge of Hope

October 2008

To contribute to the organizational development of “Bari Huys” and “Arevshat” foundation. The total budget of the project is 556,163 AMD

Bridge of Hope NGO

Youth Bank


To contribute to the solution of community problems through youth mobilization. The total budget of the project is 12 200 USD from which 2 500 USD from USAID

Eurasia Partnership  Foundation

Anticorruption Education in Armenia

January 2009 – December 2009

To contribute to the formation of active civic disposition and anticorruption behaviour of Armenian youth through workshops, improvement of youth capacities and skills, development of Anticorruption Code of Conduct and Youth Anticorruption Strategy and implementation of the grant projects. The total budget of the project was

20 628 USD.

Education Development Center


April 2009 – April 2010

Proposal is capacity-building of advocacy oriented Armenian NGOs to increase dialogue among civil society and governmental bodies. The main strategy of the project is advanced capacity-building of selected CSOs through institutionalising of advocacy capacities, establishment of the advocacy resource centres, initiating the dialog among the CSOs and government, experience exchange between local CSOs with European organizations. The total budget of the project was 49 856 EUROS.


Evaluation of “Aramazd” socio-educational development project

August 2009

To evaluate the effectiveness and impact of  “Aramazd” social-educational project. The total budget of the project was 1 490 720 AMD.

Armenian Caritas

Evaluation of “7 family center capacity building” project

April-May 2009

To evaluate the effectiveness and impact of “7 family center capacity building” project. The total budget of the project was 1 433 520 AMD.

Armenian Caritas

Community Mobilization 2 project evaluation

January 2010

Evaluate the effectiveness and  impact of“Community mobilization 2” project. The total budget for the project was 1 396 890 AMD.

Jinishyan Memorial Foundation

Volunteering initiative project

May –September 2010

To raise civic responsibility, volunteer action and local community engagment in Armenia.

The total budget of the project was 2 716 500 AMD


Partnership with CDPF

“Plant an idea, plant a tree” training for teachers

To organize trainings for teachers of Lori and Tavush regions on usage and application of the book “Plant an idea, plant a tree”. The total budget of the project was 1800 Euro.

ATP Charitable foundation

Public Opinion Survey in RA Households on “Perception of corruption”, “Caucasian Barometr” in RA Households, “Mass Media”, “Social Justice”


December 2009

January 2010

November 2010

February 2011

May 2011

The goal of the grant project is to conduct interviews with LSGB, business and law field’s members as well as with inhabitants in Lori region. The total budget was 7000 Euro.

Caucasus Research and Resource Centre (CRRC)

ISO Capacity building

September 2005 – September 2009

Strengthening the institutional capacity of NGOC as an ISO. In the framework of this project the NGOC and its partners are developing service provision systems. Currently, under USAID funding from Counterpart International, the NGO Center is undergoing an Organizational Certification Process to qualify for direct USAID contracts. The total budget of the project was

41 387 USD.

USAID and CPI Armenia

Civil Society and Local Government Support program

April 2011- May 2011

To have meetings with 6 Lori region and 1 Tavush region community heads and sign MoU with them. The total budget of the project was 657 USD.

Counterpart International Armenia

Election Policy Forum

April 2011- May 2011

To address concerns and suggestion for improvement of the Election Code by increasing CSO participation at the policy improvement processes as well as encouraging governance institutions to accept CSOs’ contributions. The total budget of the project was 591 USD

Counterpart International Armenia

Alternative Resources in Media”

May 2011- 2012

To create alternative information and technology dynamic centers in the regions which will allow to raise public awareness and promote active citizenship. The total budget of the project was 4 326 USD.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), Internews Network/ USAID

Enhancing women and youth leadership

August 2011 –December 2011

To establish dialogue between civil society and government through women and youth effective participation in that process. The total budget of the project is 9 298 100 AMD.


Women's role and their integration in decision making process

September 2012-May 2013

To contribute to the democratic, gender-equal development of Northern regions of Armenia by integrating women in decision making process, which will inspire public confidence in governance. The total budget of the project is 26 330 USD.

US Embassy

Films as a means of identifying social issues

March 2012

 To support to the development of documentary films as a means of intercultural dialogue in Lori region particularly in Vanadzor, as well as to promote the growth of interest, formation and further development of culture of watching documentary films, raising and discussing human rights issues.  

Czech NGO People in Need

in partnership with Internews Media Support NGO and Sakdoc Film

Support to the formulation and implementation of community development projects

2011 December-2012 May

To the empowerment of local government and civil society involvement in participatory policy and planning providing approporiate need-tailored development in Lori and Tavush regions. The total budget of the project was 12 432 000 AMD.


LSGB Capacity Building

March-August 2012

To organize and implement TOTs for LSGB representatives of northern, central and southern parts of Armenia. The total budget of the project was 25 796 USD

USAID, CPI Armenia

The project is implemented in partnership with CDPF and GUM NGOs in Armenia.

“Equal opportunities for National Minorities & Disadvantaged Groups in Realizing Cultural Rights: Richness through Diversity”


To ensure cultural diversity and support to the preservation of national minorities through enhancing the capacities of LSGB, CSO and cultural institution authorities in  Armenia and Ukraine.The total budget of the project is 851379,31 Euro.


Partnership with GURT Resource Center Ukraine and CPDF in Armenia

Civil Society and LSGB support program


To promote civil participation in government on local and national levels, as well as to contribute to the estabilshment of a more effective, transparent and responsive LSGB system. The requested budget of the project is 262 283 USD

USAID, CPI Armenia

Vanadzor InfoTun

June 2011-2013

To enhance and improve access to pluralistic and unbiased information in Armenia via traditional and alternative media through the use of new information technologies. 29 798 USD.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation

Accessibility of Unbiased and Pluralistic Media

June 2013-January 2014

To promote participatory governance in Vanadzor through the use of modern technology ensuring dissemination of unbiased information. The total budget of the project is 21,950 USD.

US Embassy

Transparency through Youth

June-October 2013

To contribute to the transparent and accountable operation of LSGB in Vanadzor through educating youth, equipping them with relevant practical skills and experience exchange. The total budget of the project is 13 325 USD

USAID and CPI Armenia

LSGB Trainings

April  - Jun 2012

May-August 2013

December 2013 – Jun 2014

To contribute to the enhancement and capacity development of 14 community local government representatives of Lori, Tavush, Shirak regions through tranings. The total budget of the program is 19 070 USD

The LGB Training center represents a technically well-equipped training room and doesn’t only possess a comfortable training area but also more than 20 specialized and qualified trainers from Tavush, Lori and Shirak   regions, a group of experts and training modules developed for 7-day sessions with 11 themes.

USAID and CPI Armenia

CAUCADOC documentary film festival”

July–November 2014

The aim of te project was to promote the development of  culture of open dialogues on critical social issues (conflict transformation, human rights, non-discrimination, media freedom) in remote regions of South Caucasus by organizing independent and sustainable local documentary film festivals, that combine film screenings with public debates.

Budget:14.821 (Amount contributed by donor is 12.045)

Heinrich Böll Foundation South Caucasus.

Current projects

“Empowered CSOs for environmental sustainability”

December 2013-May 2015

Primary objective: Advancement of public participation in environmental governance in Armenia

Objectives are:  (1)Empowerment of 15 Armenian environmental civil society organizations towards advocacy role in environmental decision making, (2) Promotion of dialogue and networking among environmental civil society organizations and stakeholder institutions/sectors, 

Budget is 70.800 (Amount contributed by donor is 35.693)

EU/UNDP/GEF Global Environmental Fund

Biking and rural combined cross-border tourism, as innovative approach for promoting cross-border cooperation

October 2015-March 2017

The main goal of the project is to contribute to the development of biking and rural combined cross-border tourism between Armenia and Georgia.

Specific objectives are;

  • Support application of combined biking and rural tourism tour packages;
  • Strengthening of infrastructure necessary for the implementation of tour packages;
  • Enhancement of communication and partnership between major role-players in tourism development

Budget is 236838.45 Euro

Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme /EaPTC Armenia- Georgia/ funded by Europian Union

Vanadzor InfoTun

June 2015-May 2016

The project aims to contribute to the improvement of information and public participation in Lori region on the process of the reforms taking place in Armenia.

Budget is 3,015,276 AMD

Eurasia Partnership Foundation


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